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It’s April 10th, we haven’t yet released our new versions and for that we apologise.

Here are the answers to the two questions you may have:

Why the delay? At present we are putting our new sales site, Mac OS X, Windows and iOS through final testing and so far, the results are extremely positive. Android, is a slightly more challenging obstacle in that there are tens of thousands of devices which run different versions of Android (ROMs) and we need something that works across all variations. Indeed, what we need is more complicated because gamban® must perform as expected (robustly and efficiently) and must not drain battery or memory. Additionally the recent Oreo 8.0 release has required us to significantly change our process before release.

When can we expect the new versions? Learning from our previous mistake we are slightly hesitant about giving a firm date. However, we do not expect this to take longer than by the end of next week (22nd April) and we are working around the clock to deliver within this timeframe. Should things take longer, we will of course update you.

All that’s left is to apologise for the delay, assure that the quality of our new versions will be worth the wait and thank you for your patience.

Stay gambling-free…

Jack & the gamban® team