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We bring exciting news this Easter!

gamban® is pleased to say testing of the new versions is progressing very well across all operating systems – Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android and the release date is 8th April 2018.

Over the past few months we picked up on problems relating to Android devices, with the sheer variance and quantity of different models. We also realise that our iOS application was not effective as it could be removed and Windows resulted in issues for those using real-time anti-virus protection.

So we re-built EVERYTHING from scratch for the new release.

We’d like to thank our active user-base as several improvements have been made as a direct result of feedback we have received over the year. Here are some of the improvements (non-exhaustive)

  • We’ve removed the requirement for a licence key so each and every application comes pre-bundled with a unique licence, making installation much easier. Downloading and installing gamban® couldn’t be easier.
  • We improved the redemption process for free protection, when offered by a company, education institution or other organisation.
  • We rebuilt our entire back-end so that diagnostics and control is seamless and the ‘engine’ is much better = fewer problems.
  • We created a lightweight iOS product.
  • We reverted to a more stable Android version and started improving all aspects of the second and third level protection features, making it more robust and lightweight.
  • We changed the methodology on Windows to make it compatible with ALL anti-virus systems.

On launch, gamban® will be the most advanced, lightweight and robust gambling-blocking technology on the market and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

We encourage all users across v1, v2 and v3 to migrate to v4 (desktop) and the latest versions of mobile. As usual, all existing users will be eligible to upgrade for free.

Any questions, please email