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Can I have gamban® for free as part of my treatment?

If you are in the UK, the answer is yes. As announced back in October, gamban® has been selected to provide gambling blocking software to GambleAware’s gambling support network. As a result, there are 21 organisations in the UK that can include gamban® in their treatment strategies, with no cost for the service user.

Installing gamban® on all the devices you use for gambling can really make a difference. Self-exclusion is not bullet proof and the best way to fight the cravings is to put as many roadblocks as possible between yourself and the gambling site. This friction is more effective when added to all three components of the gambling equation: Person (gambler); Device (laptop, phone, tablet); and Funding (money). Whether you are already in treatment or just realising for the first time that you need help, this added layer of protection is a huge step in the right direction.

GambleAware network

GambleAware chose to partner with gamban® based on an independent evaluation of blocking software providers. Now the benefits of gamban’s blocking software are available to all individuals seeking treatment through GambleAware’s network of partners, free of charge. These include:

The road to recovery is long, but you don’t have to walk it alone. We at gamban® wish you all the best in your fight against gambling addiction!