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Out with the old, in with the new.

The roll-out of gamban® v4 (Mac/Windows), v2 (iOS) and v30 (Android) has been successful and you are now able to explore the latest in gambling-blocking protection.

What we offer is the very best gambling-blocking protection on the market. It is lightweight, robust and effective. Getting to this point has taken significant time from our side – and a lot of patience from your side.

We have merged your account from the older system to our new account management system, so you can login and download the new version(s) of gamban® when you are ready. We have made significant improvements, not only to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, but also to the underlying technology that each of these Operating Systems rely on.

“Working within the constraints of each operating system has created numerous challenges. Android alone has thousands of devices; each with unique characteristics and iOS is a notoriously restricted environment for developers. We’ve come up with what we believe to be the very best possible protection available across each operating system, with the underlying technology built to the highest standards.

I would like to take this opportunity, as one problem gambler to another, to convey an important point: gamban® has been designed to block access to gambling sites and apps and it’s effective. But there is always going to be a way to circumvent protection if you try hard enough. gamban® is not the solution to problem gambling; it is a helpful tool.

We are planning on providing some extra levels of protection and will update you on this in due course. We are excited to share the new versions of gamban® with you.”

Jack Symons, gamban® founder

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