There are plenty of books out there to help understand and combat problem gambling.

Allen Carr’s ‘Easy Way To Stop Gambling’ provides a useful approach to avoiding gambling not through willpower but through, essentially, seeing the habit or compulsion as unwanted and intrinsically negative. Available as an audiobook or book, either from Amazon or other online bookstores.

Overcoming Gambling by Philip Mawer is a very useful and refreshing take on taking control of problem gambling. The core concept concentrates not on understanding what pushes a person towards gambling but on strategies for the present and future – exploring from both from the problem gambler’s perspective and the partner’s perspective.

Overcoming Compulsive Gambling by clinical psychologist Professor Alex Blaszczynski acts as a self-help manual, using cognitive behavioural techniques to help with gambling addiction. It will help you to understand how your own gambling problem has developed and what is keeping it going; also, crucially, how to develop the motivation to stop and control any future urges to gamble again.