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What’s it like to work at gamban®?

gamban® highly values diversity of experience, thought and character. We relish the opportunity to cultivate a culture where people feel respected and valued, regardless of gender, identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or age.

On top of this, our mission to protect individuals and organisations from such a potentially harmful activity creates an atmosphere of cohesion and solidarity.

We believe that social enterprise and commercial aims need not be mutually exclusive and are driven by a strong mission to protect as many vulnerable people as possible, ideally before it’s too late.

Open Positions

System Architect

(Southampton, UK)

We are looking for an experienced engineer to help improve, develop and grow our software product offering.

You will be a part of a team that is responsible for all aspects of the ongoing software development from conception, through to development, testing and launching – contributing to all aspects of the development lifecycle.

Core skills required

Linux, PHP, MySQL, Cloud hosting, Apache server, DNS/VPN


BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject

Interest in cybersecurity

Global Ambassador

Location (Various)

We are constantly looking to work with individuals and organisations to help raise the visibility of gamban® and drive growth. If you have the enthusiasm and skills, we’d love to hear from you!

Key areas

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Germany

Mac OS X Developer

Location Based in our Southampton (Hampshire) office

We are looking for a senior experienced Mac OS X engineer to develop and grow our software product.

You will be responsible for the company’s software development cycle for Mac OS X.

Details regarding the software will be available upon applying for the position.


BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related subject.

Development portfolio is essential to demonstrate relevant experience.

Must work in close collaboration with Windows developer.

Please note that we do will not accept proposals from recruitment agencies or third-party design/development agencies. 

To apply, send your CV, cover letter and references to Jack Symons

All correspondence is treated with confidentiality, in accordance with our Privacy Statement

Email us at

Ready to Protect Yourself or Others?

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