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According to the National Student Money Survey 2016, 8 out of 10 students in the UK worry about money while studying. One in ten UK university students has gambled in an attempt to make money (Save the Student).

Protection for students

gamban® are offering FREE protection to students at ALL UK Universities starting on the 1st January 2018 in an initiative to provide better access and control measures to vulnerable students, routinely targeted by gambling companies. gamban® protects individuals from gambling-related harm on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

Jack Symons, former student at the University of Surrey and founder of gamban® commented “University failed me in loco parentis. As it did for Matt Zarb-Cousin at Birmingham University. And thousands of others. I personally experienced the harm of gambling addiction at University and strongly feel gambling, although legal for those over 18, should be safeguarded for those under 21. Combined with the novelty of independence AND access to cash AND being among the most targeted group by gambling companies – it is crucial that something is done to protect students. All we ask is that Universities do all they can to reduce the stigma of gambling addiction by prioritising the discussion alongside that which already exists for alcohol and drug addiction.”

In 2015-16, GambleAware funded treatment for a total of 379 clients in the north of England aged between 15-24; 10% were students.

Any student who has a valid University email address ( will be able to get free protection on up to 3 devices for 3 years (course duration) and can redeem protection at the following link:

Feedback on gamban®…

“If gamban was available then it could have helped my son Ryan, who tragically committed suicide because of a gambling addiction that was allowed to spiral out of control by an uncaring industry. The industry should be made to offer gamban to their customers if they become addicted.” John Myers

“Despite promises to introduce a system where addicted gamblers can ban themselves from all online gambling sites, the industry is still dragging its heels. That’s why gamban® must be made available to everyone who needs it.” Carolyn Harris MP

“I want to thank you for creating this software. The fact that you’ve made it so affordable really shows how much you care about helping people with gambling problems. I have recently installed your software as an aid to prevent problem gambling and it’s been effective so far.” gamban® user

“Completely out the way, but nice to know temptation is removed… I’m free” gamban® user

“I am so happy to have gamban on my android phone. It gives me a feeling of security from this horrible addiction I will help you in any way I can as I am so grateful to you for this. Thanks again for the help.” gamban® user

“Thank you so much. Such value for money. I am really pleased, I started to feel that something that started as fun was becoming addictive. Luckily I am stopping this now before it gets too out of control.” gamban® user

“Thanks again for the great programme, I think it has helped me a lot.” gamban® user

“I continue to be grateful to gamban and you in particular for your help and support. It is most appreciated. I can’t do it on my own!” gamban® user

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