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What if LIFE wasn’t a gamble? What if there were influencing factors you were unaware of that were making decisions for you? What if I told you that everything in LIFE had a meaning and every day of your LIFE has a purpose?

When I started pondering over these questions only 2 months ago, answering them myself, I had no idea what impact it would have on my life.

I started to realise, I had gambled on my life for far too long, allowing my circumstances to control me and some choices that I had made. I looked at who I was, what my life looked like from a bird’s eye view. The results shook me.

I sat down and wrote out everything that I had achieved in the past year which consisted of a mere 4 things, none of which are substantial enough to name. This was when I decided, only I can choose to change my life, only I can become what I want to become, only I could stop gambling with my life and stop allowing my current life choices to dictate my future.

I spent the next month deliberating WHERE I wanted to be in life, WHAT I wanted to be, HOW I would get there and consciously decided, NOW, yes now, was the time to change. When I decided it was ‘now’, I felt a sense of relief… I was EMPOWERED!

I came to think… What about other people who gamble with their life, the risks they are willing to take in the literal sense of gambling. The lives that are ruined by choices that seem beyond their control and the friends and family they have lost because of it. The statistics were overwhelming. The more I researched, the more I realised I wasn’t alone in this.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • 45% of people have gambled in the past 4 weeks in the UK. Of which, 18% of those have gambled online. *
  • 51% of gamblers gamble using mobile phones and tablets. This is an 8% increase on the previous year. *
  • The total gross gambling yield (GGY) for remote betting/casinos and shops/premises in Britain alone stands today at 13.9bn. 0.7% increase on last year. *
  • Of that, the GGY for the remote sector stands at 4.9bn3.7% increase on last year. *
  • 35% represents the market share of the remote betting, bingo and casino sector. More and more people are gambling online, more than ever before. *
  • There are just over 666 million customer accounts held across all licensed online operators, of which 28.87 million are actively used. **
  • 41% is the proportion of people that agree that gambling is associated with criminal activity. *

*Accurate as of June 2018 –

**Accurate as of April 2018 –

***Gross gambling yield represents the income of the of the casino/betting/shops/premises minus its payouts.

‘’Gambling has the highest suicide rate of any addiction’’ –

Problem gambling is not about just losing money, it affects a person’s whole life, not just their bank account. Signs that gambling is a problem is when:

  • It gets in the way of your work or other activities that may have previously been enjoyed,
  • It harms your mental or physical health,
  • It hurts you financially,
  • It damages your reputation,
  • It causes problems with family or friends.

Unlike substance abuse, there are no immediate physical effects of problem gambling. However, the fact that gambling has the highest suicide rate of any addition proves, the repercussions can be even worse…

Gambling Addiction in Adolescents

One of the biggest topics currently circling the nation is the NHS pilot scheme with the National Problem Gambling Clinic in Central and North West London. Its due to start next month and will address computer game addictions in children as young as 12. Doctors will be analysing how gaming differs from other addictions and the 15 adolescent participants will also receive treatment for their condition. This will be life changing for those individuals who are involved. Unfortunately, while they have created this necessary scheme for children, the future generation of adults, this is still non-existent for adults currently at risk or problem gamblers in Britain today.

The next hope is that no matter what age you are, you can get the help you need. Whether that be when you’re 6, 26, 48, or 80. Whether you need Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or whether excluding yourself from all gambling activity is the only way forward.

Gambling Addiction in Adults – How can YOU support them?

Supporting those with a gambling addiction during recovery is just as important as supporting someone who has any other addiction. When you don’t have a gambling problem yourself, it can be difficult to understand why someone with a problem doesn’t just stop. You can’t change their behaviour or force them to, but you can help them; making it clear that their gambling is affecting others around them, that they need to get help, that there is help available and that it works.

There are over 500,000 adult gamblers in Britain today who are at a moderate risk of developing a serious addiction if not dealt with now. The majority of those with a gambling addition are not getting the help and treatment needed; this shows as the overall number of adults gambling is on the increase. *

Out of those, 8 out of 10 other people in the gamblers social network will be seriously affected, as well as, wider societal costs. **



The ubiquity of the Internet brings an added challenge to those trying to avoid online gambling. The online gambling offer grows every day in almost every geography. Placing bets, spinning wheels, buying & opening loot boxes, or engaging in any other type of gambling is increasingly easier and faster. Gambling technology is fast paced, sometimes faster than the technology that is available to those looking for a solution. Up until now.

With more and more people able to get around parental controls, firewalls, anti-virus software, there has never been more of the right time than now to have software that protects you, your family, your clients and your work place.

The great news is, we have a solution that can help you, your colleagues and your workplace be protected. The smartest, most effective, one of a kind solution to implement security in your workplace and home is, Gamban®.

It blocks and ONLY blocks gambling apps and online sites from your chosen device(s). Gamban® has been designed so that the end user is protected, and it is extremely difficult. for them to uninstall the software once it has been applied. It works across varied platforms from Android, Windows to Apple and iOS. Whether you want your employees to be protected on their laptops/computers, their phones or other devices, you have the opportunity and the duty of care to protect them now.

Do you want to be part of their happy ending? Do you want to protect someone’s child, your business, your friend from being part of a horrible addiction that can destroy them? Do you want to be a change maker?

Be part of our story, make it your story, create the happy ending that you want to see in your workplace, your home, your life…

‘’The best way to get something done is to BEGIN’’