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Is someone you care for suffering from gambling addiction?

The path of addiction can seem very lonely. The stigma associated with problem gambling is both isolating and frightening, often forcing victims and those close to them to suffer in silence for years before help arrives. However, the victims of gambling addiction are not alone…and neither are you.

Shame perpetuates the cycle

There is an incredible amount of social stigma attached to addiction of any kind. Many individuals enduring drug and alcohol addiction choose to suffer rather than open up to people about the problem and seek help. The experience can be even more intense for those with an addiction to gambling.

So many victims worry that they’ll be judged for a moral failing if they seek help. Of course, the reality is that they’re facing a genuine affliction, and the data backs that up. According to the US National Council on Problem Gambling, the root of problem gambling isn’t a lack of personal responsibility. There are many factors that could be at play, including sudden life changes, emotional state, and other psychological matters such as depression. 

The victims of problem gambling are just that: victims. However, fear will often keep these individuals from reaching out and seeking help on their own. They go on suffering from addiction, and the people closest to them often pay a heavy price in turn.

Family members of problem gamblers can experience financial instability, emotional disconnect, and many other problems rooted in their loved one’s addiction. 

There is a better way forward

Whether it’s your spouse, parent, or even a child, the person in your life suffering from gambling addiction needs your help, but they made be afraid or unsure of how to ask for it. You need to take the first step. Fortunately, gamban® is here to help.

The best way to stop problem gambling is to remove the temptation entirely. gamban offers advanced, innovative technologies designed to restrict access to gambling sites. Our cross-platform tool works on all your devices, ensuring total protection.

Sharing gamban with your loved one empowers you both to take back your life, protect your finances, and finally break the cycle of addiction once and for all.

Of course, the preventative solution to gambling addiction is just the first step on the road to recovery. gamban will help you both to open the door and work towards the following steps:

  • Honesty: You can’t help if you can’t define the problem. Your loved one may not be aware of the severity of their addiction, or even acknowledge that it exists. Be honest about gambling addiction, and the impact it is having on daily life.
  • Openness: It’s a lot easier to to talk about an issue in concrete terms. Rather than being vague, emotional, or employing guilt tactics, talk with the person about how their addiction is affecting the things and people they care about.
  • Support: Make yourself a positive influence in the person’s life by keeping their focus on goals and aspirations that don’t involve gambling. Don’t attack the person when they slip up; be supportive instead.

You’re in the best position to help when you have a person’s trust, and facing the future together begins with gamban. Share the solution today at