What is gamban®?

gamban® is software that helps problem gambling by preventing protected devices from accessing online gambling.


Once installed, you will be unable to visit gambling sites, unless you're a seasoned hacker, you'll be well protected .

Can I install gamban® on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, gamban® is available on Android (tablet/phone) and we are releasing iOS soon (date TBC).

Can I uninstall gamban®?

Users cannot uninstall gamban® as the software has been designed to prevent unauthorised uninstallation. Requests to uninstall gamban® are subject to a 30 day 'cooling off' period.

Does gamban® block all gambling sites?

Yes, we aim to block all gambling sites.

How does gamban® work?

gamban® acts as a filter, synced to the gamban® Cloud Database, protecting your computer from gambling sites. The database (well, several databases, as they are each quite large!) consists of online casinos, poker sites, bingo sites, sports betting platforms and casual trading sites. URLs are both automatically and manually added before human-moderation to ensure ONLY real-money gambling sites are blocked – and nothing else! This leaves your computer protected against gambling sites, with minimal intrusion.

How's gamban® different from other software?

gamban® is the most effective and least intrusive gambling blocking software available. Without blocking keywords, gamban® uses a manual approach and a catch-all approach. The software is available on most major desktop and mobile operating systems.

My friend/family/acquaintance is gambling too much. Can I install gamban® on their computer?

Yes, you can download gamban® or someone else though you should discuss this with them first. We've experienced a number of cases where concerned family members want to take steps to protect their loves ones from gambling.

What do I need to do before installing gamban®?

It is important to follow these two easy steps to ensure a problem-free future: 1) ensure any funds held in gambling accounts, where applicable, are withdrawn and 2) remove any 'native' gambling applications installed on your computer. During the installation process you will find a pre-installation checklist before the installation is complete.

What is our criteria for a gambling site?

Any site/application that allows visitors to wager purposefully for a return. This includes poker, bingo, casino and sports betting, mainly, but also casual trading sites that are more aligned to 'gambling' than 'investment'.

What is the duration of protection?

gamban® continues indefinitely and can be purchased either monthly or annually.

What's the rationale behind gamban®

gamban® helps people by blocking access to sites they find difficult to avoid with willpower alone. gamban® is the 'first line of defence' against the intrusiveness of online gambling

Who's behind gamban®

The founding team have many years of experience with the development of software solutions and, more specifically, problem gambling. gamban® is owned by Beanstalk HPS Ltd, located in London, UK.

Will gamban® make my computer slow?

gamban® will not affect the speed or performance of your computer.

Does gamban® work with the gambling industry?

No. gamban® is entirely independent. However, we recognise the value of operators purchasing licences for self-excluded customers.

Will gamban® stop me from gambling?

gamban® will prevent you gambling on the device you install gamban® on. It cannot remove your temptation to gamble but can be a useful tool to prevent you gambling at home. gamban® is a strong 'first line of defence' against problem gambling but you may require additional support. Visit the resources section of the website for more information and helpful links