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2019 will see significant change for Gamban, including a complete brand overhaul and a full product revamp that will set the standard for self-exclusion technology.

Up until now

Since inception in 2015 Gamban has helped thousands of people, companies and gambling operators in their fight against gambling addiction. For years we have consistently delivered simple, dependable, trusted technology to our users, preventing them from accessing gambling sites and applications. This has earned Gamban recognition as the world’s most effective gambling blocking software.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Gamban was the most dependable tool I used during my fight against addiction, for me it was the most reliable part of a multi-layered self exclusion process which I coupled with therapy and other support tools. When I was at my worse and close to relapse, it was Gamban that stopped me accessing gaming websites. Now I have been free from my gambling addiction for 3 years and I can’t thank all of the people, companies and tools that helped me enough.”Kerry Singleton – Recovering Addict

“Gambling is openly discussed and accepted amongst employees in our offices. However it was clear that one of my employees was struggling with a gambling addiction, often not turning up to work and spending their working day gambling. Following some confidential discussions with our staff members, it was evident that more than one of them was struggling and needed support. As well as offering a number of support lines for our staff, we implemented Gamban on all of the devices in our offices across the UK. We have seen excellent results so far in improved productivity, atmosphere and staff happiness which we have no doubt is, in part, thanks to Gamban.”Jeremy Nias – Business Owner

So, what’s new with Gamban?

iOS & Android application revamp

Gamban iOS & Android

Gamban is the last line of defence against gambling addiction, when willpower slips and you feel the urge to gamble, it’s Gamban that will be there to prevent you. We understand how much our customers rely on us to be there for them, in their time of need, with a reliable product that works. We are constantly testing and developing our product, releasing regular updates for our users and it’s our mission to help people with a strong and reliable product.

This Spring we have completely revamped our applications on iOS & Android platforms, offering more protection, better technology, and a much more user friendly interface, making device management, installation and technical support far easier to access from any device.

Improved support services

In addition to modernising our applications, we’ve made significant improvement to our support services. We understand how frustrating it can be when something doesn’t work the way you expect, or where instructions aren’t clear and it takes two days to get an issue resolved. We also understand that the installation of a product like Gamban is time-critical. In response to customer feedback, over the coming months we will be introducing a number of support service updates including; live chat, video guides, website reporting, device compatibility checking, troubleshooting, an expanded support and FAQ library and webinars.

Our mission is to ensure that your experience with Gamban is as trouble-free as possible and that you have all of the support you need should things go awry.

Gamban re-brand

This spring we will also be undergoing a full company re-brand. As both a product and a business, we are rapidly outgrowing our existing branding, which is neither consistent with the progress that our company is making, nor the direction we are heading. So, reluctantly, we say farewell to our existing brand, which has served us well, and are introducing the future brand of Gamban.

As a part of the re-brand we will be launching a brand new website with improved usability, information and support services, as well as a number of useful tools and resources to help in the fight against addiction. We will also be introducing a user dashboard that will allow you to manage your devices and your licences easily from any device, anywhere all in one place.

Gamban New Branding

A special thanks

I want to take this time to thank our main benefactor, Derek Webb. Without Derek, a retired poker player and retired game inventor (Three Card Poker, 21+3), Gamban would not be possible. As a gambling regulation reform campaigner, Derek has philanthropically supported Gamban and made it possible to grow the product into what it is today. I’d like to point out there is no financial interest in Derek’s generous support, he’s just a good man making the world a better place.

We can’t wait to let you – our customers – experience our new brand as well as the coming updates over the following months.

Kind regards,

Jack, CEO (+ recovering problem gambler)