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affiliates and streamers

Streamers and affiliates have approached us looking to buy gamban® licences for their audience(s). These creators run video channels that stream gambling content (most commonly slots, skins and poker). So people can watch gameplay, review games and listen to in-game commentary.

Some people go on to gamble on the sites promoted by streamers, which can generate revenue for the affiliate. Some of the more forward-thinking affiliates and streamers have started to offer gamban® as a safety net for their players. And it’s working well.,

We feel this shows a duty of care to the prevention of gambling-related harm. Therefore, both Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel and The Bandit’s Website and we recommend others follow in the same way.

Much like the discussion around whether ‘free-to-play’ casino games act as a ‘methadone‘ to a ‘heroin addiction‘. There may be an argument for using gambling video streams to satisfy an urge without spending (see Do Gambling Streams Help Problem Gamblers).

We would suggest those affiliates and streamers, directly or indirectly promoting skins-gambling and more traditional gambling (slots, poker, etc), across Youtube and Twitch might also want to protect at-risk individuals from gambling-related harm and we would be happy to help.

Please contact for more information and to get started.