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Service users of the Irish charity will have 2 months free of gamban® gambling blocking software


Southampton, 30 October 2018 – gamban® announces partnership with Irish charity Problem Gambling Ireland to help fight online gambling addiction in Ireland. The country is thought to have the third highest amount of losses per player in the world, and more than 45,000 gambling addicts.

A recent study concluded that in some cases the cost of gambling blocking software could be an obstacle, especially for users who need to block access to gambling websites on their phone, computer and tablet. Having an extended free period, and being able to install it on three devices, will take away the financial obstacle at a critical time.

Jack Symons, gamban’s founder and CEO says, “Being able to install the blocking software immediately, can make a huge difference to players when they are reaching out for help. We’re very happy to join this fight and to equip Problem Gambling Ireland with gamban.”

Barry Grant, CEO of Problem Gambling Ireland, says: “I would like to thank Gamban for this kind offer.  We regularly recommend their gambling blocking software to our service-users and have received very positive feedback regarding its effectiveness.  Putting as many obstacles as possible in the way of gambling urges, is an important part of the addiction recovery process.”

About gamban for Charities

Gamban works with registered charities worldwide. If your organisation is focused in treating gambling addiction, and in reducing the harm it causes, please get in touch: We want to help you help others help themselves.

About Problem Gambling Ireland

Problem Gambling Ireland is an Irish charity focused on preventing and minimising gambling-related harm in Ireland, and actively lobbying for the introduction of fit-for-purpose gambling legislation in the country. For additional information, please visit their website