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Why we’re not excited about it, but could be, if it was for real

The gambling industry is very good at talking about responsible gambling, but it’s less good at action. It’s no wonder it has come under increasing pressure in recent years.

Still, we do want to help in any way we can, so here’s our contribution to the war effort:

  • This week, anyone buying gamban® licences on our website can have 30 days free. All you have to do is enter promo code rgweek18. This promo code is valid until the 7 November 2018 at 23:59.


  • As of today, our online sales process will delay payment by 30 days when a card is refused due to lack of funds – this is now a standard process, not just for this week. And if you think that doesn’t make any difference in a product that costs only £9,99 per device per year, think again. A lot of people don’t have 10 quid left on their cards. By the time they go on our website, they have already maxed out all their cards on a gambling website. To be fair, there is a growing number of gambling operators who already offer gamban® licences to their players, but there are still many more who just put our link on their website and then expect the player to pay for it.

While we believe this will provide some help to those with a gambling problem, what we would really like to see is the operators being… wait for it…RESPONSIBLE, and stepping up. In the last few weeks we have been reading and talking about Artificial Intelligence based technology that helps understand gambling behaviour. That’s great, operators need to identify the problem as early as possible, and this kind of technology can play a decisive role – assuming the criteria for “Problem Gambler” vs “VIP Player” gets defined correctly. But, and then what?

Responsibility costs money

Once the problem is identified – via AI or any other means – how is that person getting help, and who pays for it? Who pays for their therapy, their blocking software, their physical and digital self-exclusion? It certainly should not be the players, because those have already paid every penny they had into the operators’ bank accounts. These players need to be protected the minute they reach out for help, or before if possible, not put on waiting list due to lack of resources. There should be no lack of resources, and if there is, then the industry is not being responsible.

The ultimate irony

Postponing the cut on FOBT maximum stake. The decision to cut this to £2 was taken more than six months ago, and still here we are. How can we even talk about “responsible” gambling when one of the largest economies in the world apparently wouldn’t be able to cope with the loss in FOBT tax revenue? Just before RGWeek!