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Students are most at risk of gambling-related harm. Education institutions can help prevent it

gamban® works with education institutions around the world to provide protection for students from gambling addiction.
Problem Gambling – An Epidemic On Campus
In addition to the prevalence of sports betting, the popularity of esports and skins-based gambling has led to students developing problems. And this is growing at an alarming rate. The Gambling Commission is calling for more advice and guidance to help prevent students from becoming hooked. It wants universities to provide the same level of information and support about the risks from gambling as they do for drugs, alcohol and safe sex.
Why Are Students At Risk?
Many students will be away from home for the first time, and have access to overdrafts and loans. This can be a dangerous combination, which is why 100,000 students in the UK alone are in some form gambling debt, and 1 in 8 have missed university lectures because of gambling. Gambling has come to be known as the ‘hidden’ addiction and students presenting with financial issues may have underlying gambling problems they do not wish to disclose. For many, university will be a first time away from home and access to student loans creates a high-risk environment for gambling-related harm.
What Are The Risks?
There are many risks involved with gambling-related harm, if left untreated, both for students and academic institutions:

  • Financial problems as a result of compulsive gambling and overspend
  • Negative / low satisfaction university experiences with reduced attendance and increased course drop-outs (impact on rankings)
  • Overcrowded student care and wellbeing due to underestimation of the problem and difficulty identifying from tangental symptoms
  • Mental health issues from the emotional consequences of gambling addiction – in particular: depression, self-esteem and anxiety
  • Suicide ideation
  • Trouble forming and maintaining relationships leading to isolation, loneliness, aggression and withdrawal.
What Are We Doing To Help?
gamban® is available to all students and staff across universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Signing up is simple and the only thing that’s needed is a verified email address.
I’m proud to announce this positive step we are taking to address growing concerns about student gambling. We will be encouraging students’ unions to promote the app [gamban®] to students across the UK – I believe it will provide much-needed support to thousands of students currently grappling with addiction.

However this cannot be the end of the conversation: we need to consider the serious impact that gambling is having student debt. In particular, we need to look how many betting companies are preying upon student vulnerabilities, with those with existing mental health issues at greater risk. This means encouraging institutions and students’ unions to offer proper guidance and support, but also looking at new regulatory measures to crack down on this. Shakira Martin

President, National Union of Students

It is good to see steps being taken to tackle concerns around student gambling. If you are concerned about yourself or a friend, then please get in touch with our Student Advice Service who can offer help and signpost you to support. Farheen Ahmed

SU VP for Welfare and Equal Opportunities, Oxford University

Students are particularly vulnerable to online gambling. Universities can use the tools provided by gamban® to protect at-risk gamblers, avoiding financial difficulties, course abandonment and potentially more serious issues. Jack Symons

Founder, gamban®

Help Us Help Your Students

gamban® is free for all students and staff at Universities across the United Kingdom and Ireland.
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