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Your company may already be suffering from gambling-related harm…

gamban® blocks access to online casinos, sports-betting, slots, poker, bingo, eSports & skins-gambling
The temptation of online gambling puts pressure on businesses and ruins lives. In addition to a clear anti-gambling at work policy, gamban® can help remove the temptation of online gambling in the workplace, improving productivity and reducing risk.

WHY gamban®

1. Why should I consider gamban® for my company?
The BDO FraudTrack Report highlights how the second biggest reason for fraud is gambling in the UK. The risk of gambling-related harm in the work-place has never been higher, with 24/7 on-demand access across almost every device.

“The significant increase in fraud is quite shocking, but I am not surprised that the second biggest reason for fraud is gambling. If left unchecked, compulsive gambling leads to debt. It is debt that is so destructive to relationships and daily life, debt that leads to the gambler making desperate choices that lead to fraud. EPIC’s philosophy is prevention, through awareness and education. Too many people are being convicted of crimes to feed destructive habits. At EPIC, we work with our clients to help their employees make the right choices.” Justyn Larcombe, Operations Director, EPIC Risk Management

2. The Impact of problem gambling in the work-place

It may be that members of your team already need protection from gambling-related harm and this could be causing problems with motivation, mental health, relationships and productivity.

Studies have linked gambling with a loss of productivity, with gamblers spending time away from work to gamble.

It is estimated that gamblers lose over seven hours at work a month to gambling (REED Report on Gambling and Employment)

The effects of gambling addiction often don’t end with the problem gambler. This is an issue that can affect the entire team. Consider what might happen if an individual becomes depressed, unmotivated, withdrawn or, in extreme cases, commits suicide.

3. Why protect employees & staff?

Imagine knowing that anyone in your organisation who wants or needs protection from gambling-related harm can have immediate access. Consider that gambling addiction still carries with it a slight stigma for some. These people may not be ready to discuss compulsive gambling with HR or Occupational Health but may still need help.

By offering gamban® protection, you are making an important and worthwhile investment in your staff. This is not a box-ticking exercise. This is real, practical protection built by people with first-hand experience of problem gambling.

4. Let gamban® take care of the problem
What you are buying when you purchase gamban® for your team is unlimited access to gamban® protection for anyone within the organisation. The first thing we do is white-list your organisation email suffix (e.g. “”). Protection can then be obtained by individuals within your organisation from the staff page on successful verification of a valid authenticated email. Protection is available on up to three devices for one year per person. If required, gamban® can also provide custom promotional codes. For a deeper level of integration with your enterprise infrastructure (network, hardware, server, on-site) please contact
5. What if you do nothing?
There may be severe consequences for not adequately protecting individuals within your team:

  • Increased insurance premiums due to higher risk
  • Irredeemable reputation management
  • Legal proceedings following anti-social behaviour, aggression, assault or suicide
  • Media attention
  • Fines & penalties

Our motto at gamban® is ‘prevention is cheaper than cure’, so while you might be fine without gamban®, we would strongly recommend protecting your team.

6. Why gamban®?
The age of bloated, expensive, ineffective software is over. We were original customers of these products and suffered first-hand from the problems your audience face.  We offer the most advanced and effective cross-platform solution for blocking gambling sites and applications and it happens to be the most affordable product on the market.
  • 6% of 25-34 year olds gamble while at work, either online or on mobile.
  • People aged 25-34 are one of the most likely age groups to think about gambling while at work, gamble while at work online or via app and know someone negatively affected by gambling.
  • People with management responsibility are more likely to gamble than those without management responsibility (45% vs 39%), perhaps suggesting a link between more stressful employment positions and gambling.
  • Similarly, 18% of those with management responsibility gamble at least once a week, compared to 14% of those without management responsibility.

Source: Reed Report on Gambling and Employment


believe that gambling and debt can be a distraction for people in work.

“If someone’s focus is gambling and how to get easy money to fund their gambling habit, they will become irritable, secretive, compulsive and generally start to display behaviour that employers do not want to be dealing with.” Employment Adviser