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gamban® gives self-excluded customers the extra layer of protection they need

With thousands of sites available around the world, the only way to prevent those experiencing harm from accessing gambling online is with gamban®, which blocks access to every gambling site and app on the device it’s installed on.

gamban® offers complete protection from online gambling.

By blocking ALL gambling sites, you can be sure that if a player chooses to self-exclude, they remove the temptation to gamble anywhere.

gamban® for operators

Criteria for operators partnering with gamban®
gamban® only engage with regulated and responsible operators who recognise that:

  • Problem gamblers need more protection than any one operator can offer
  • As thousands of sites compete for player acquisition, it is crucial that an immediate safety net such as gamban® is available
  • gamban® is the most effective, lightweight and comprehensive blocking solution for online gambling
Kindred Group has always put consumer protection at the core of our business as we firmly believe this is how we build a sustainable business. While gambling is entertaining to the majority of our customers, for a few gambling can stop being entertaining. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with gamban® as one of many tools we provide so our customers can remain in control of their gambling. We believe that gamban® can provide the necessary help through their intelligent system, which blocks access to online gambling websites. gamban®’s initiative can make a significant impact at a critical time in a person’s life and therefore we are proud to be supporters. Maris Bonello

Integrity Analytics Manager, Kindred Group