Gamban’s Impact

User views and experiences

This report was focused on understanding gamban’s impact through the views and experiences of its users. Gamban users took part in an online survey and in semi-structured interviews

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Paper Overview

  • Gamban was referred to as a safety net, as it protected people from gambling and urges to gamble. Knowing that they could not access gambling on a device provided strong emotional relief.
  • The thought of hindrance to accessing gambling websites when the urge to gamble came, was often enough for the urges to subside.
  • Gamban allowed people to stay connected and continue to use their phone and the internet, which otherwise they would have had to give up.
  • For most, Gamban had a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing. Gamban gave people space to reflect, seek further help and make positive changes to their lives
  • Gamban alone was not a fix for addiction. Those who remained socially isolated, were struggling to cope with mental or physical health problems or who were burdened by enduring financial harm, tended to continue being trapped in gambling.

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