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We are pleased to announce that our eSports/skins-blocking functionality is ready and we’d like to share a little more information on how this works. For approximately two weeks we simply blocked access to 3rd party skins gambling sites but we also blocked access to the community page on Steam (owned by Valve).

To some extent this was an admittedly ‘clumsy’ approach and some users (~5) complained about lack of access to this specific page.

Block the platform connection

So we started looking at new methodologies and what we now do is block the connections between Steam and the third party gambling platforms. What this means is people can still play the games they want to play (CS:GO, DOTA2, etc) but as there is no ability to trade, there is no monetary value to the achievements/items (loot boxes). We block the lotteries, blackjack, roulette type of skins gambling, along with tournament pools that allow for players to throw in their items and win/lose depending on the outcome of the game.

We do not block the game or the Steam platform. To this extent, gamers are unaffected from the core gameplay but those who have gamban® protection are protected from the associated gambling activity.

Valve have been quite open about their condemnation of third-party gambling sites.

To this extent, we ask Valve to make sure individuals – especially parents – have better knowledge of gamban® protection so gaming on Steam can continue to be both safe and fun.