Who we help

Millions of people around the world are affected by gambling-related harm. gamban®   helps individuals, families and support organisations take back control over a powerful and widespread addiction.

Blocks online casinos, sportsbetting, slots, poker & bingo

Who do we help?


gamban® can help you stay on track. If willpower slips, gamban® doesn’t. Take back control and remove the possibility of gambling from all devices – phone, tablet and computer.

Whether prevention or cure, gamban® helps remove the temptation of gambling, improving health, life and relationships.

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Family & Friends

Young or old – you can take steps to protect vulnerable members of your family from gambling-related harm. Install gamban® and make your family safe.

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Gambling Support Groups

gamban® provides software to protect your members, restricting access to online gambling and helping with the recovery process.

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BLOCK: Online Poker, Online Casinos & Online Bingo

gamban® is the simple way of helping you take control and get your life back on track. At home or at work, it’s fast and easy to download and install on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

We are seeing that, 'Responsible Gambling', if done correctly, can both protect at-risk players and actually [counter-intuitively] increase operator revenue. A longer term outlook, with commitment to protecting at-risk players puts responsible organisations in a better light with customers, regulators and authorities, resulting in a more sustainable business

Jack Symons

Founder, gamban®

Kindred Group has always put consumer protection at the core of our business as we firmly believe this is how we build a sustainable business. While gambling is entertaining to the majority of our customers, some do not see it this way. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with gamban® as one of many tools we provide so our customers can remain in control of their gambling. We believe that gamban® can provide the necessary help through their intelligent system, which blocks access to online gambling websites. gamban®’s initiative can make a significant impact at a critical time in a person’s life and therefore we are proud to be supporters.

Maris Bonello

Integrity Analytics Manager, Kindred Group

thank god that people like you make these apps

gamban® user

I’m so happy with the software, you have saved my life!

gamban® user

Thank you very much, GamBan has been a great support on my way to recovery. Have a nice summer!

gamban® user

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