Could online gambling be affecting your children?

Gambling doesn’t look like it used to. Yet it’s affecting millions of children around the world. Gambling is now a part of graphic-rich video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA, Battlefront™ and FIFA.

gamban® blocks only this aspect so your children can be safe – even while playing the games they love.

Fast, simple & secure

Removes access

Gives peace of mind

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Problem gambling amongst children is associated with truancy, underperformance at school, alcohol and drug abuse, anti-social behaviour, family problems, mental health issues and – in extreme cases – suicide ideation.

children aged between 11-15 are gambling on a weekly basis; 9,000 of those children are likely to be ‘problem gamblers’.


of 11-15 year olds gambled in the last week

What does gamban® protect against?
In addition to blocking more traditional gambling sites, gamban® blocks access to the gambling elements of eSports & Skins supported games. gamban® does not block access to Steam, PlayStation®, Xbox or similar but it protects individuals from trading and betting skins and playing tournaments with skins as currency.

What does this mean?
With gamban® installed, games can still be played but there is little monetary value to in-game items as a result of restricted access to trading and betting functionality.

What should parents know?

  • None of the websites that facilitate gambling are affiliated with the games themselves.
  • Children use certain skins for their weapons as status symbol to show off to their friends other gamers.
  • Methods of online payment, such as PayPal, are meant for 18s and over, but they allow anyone with a credit or debit card to set up an account to make secure payments.
  • YouTubers upload videos of themselves skin gambling showing how they are making money from it.
Yusuf Tamanna


If gamban was available then it could have helped my son Ryan, who tragically committed suicide because of a gambling addiction that was allowed to spiral out of control by an uncaring industry. The industry should be made to offer gamban to their customers if they become addicted.

John Myers

Are your children gambling?

  • Check your bank statements – a surprising number of children know their parents’ passwords and devices often allow access to payment which means your children could be spending significant amounts of money with your billing credentials.
  • Monitor the amount of money your child has access to – perhaps consider a prepaid payment method or set up notifications.
  • Ask to review their gaming accounts and review the assets and transactions.
  • Ask your child if they know about skins, eSports or games like CS:GO, DOTA and FIFA.
  • If you feel it is appropriate, inform your children of the risks.
  • How much time are your children spending in front of a screen? Monitor access and frequency.

You wouldn’t be ok with your kid playing roulette or blackjack – it’s no different with Skins as currency.

Remember to consider Time, Access and Money.


Whether it’s money or time you want to hang on to, even if willpower slips, gamban® doesn’t.


gamban® blocks gambling sites and ONLY gambling sites, making it the least intrusive option available.


Silent and effective syncing with gamban® cloud database.


Installation of gamban® takes a few minutes and can be installed by anyone.


Use your computer as normal: gamban® blocks access to gambling sites and cannot be overridden or uninstalled.


The people behind gamban® know exactly how you feel because they’ve been there themselves


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