Who do we work with?

Gamban® work with high-risk organisations where problem gamblers can be reached and protected – whether in the office, or in the classroom.

Who do we work with?


Lost time and productivity through online gambling in the workplace is a huge problem. 13% of all UK fraud is gambling-related; can you afford not to protect your employees and business?

Removing access and temptation keeps your team focused on your business.

We offer businesses a range of products to restrict access to gambling sites. Find Out More

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Gambling Site Operators

Sustainability is key for operators but how do you ensure a safer gambling environment when there are thousands of sites offering bonuses to players willing to change to a new site.

Only so much can be done by any one operator to safeguard vulnerable players. Which is where we come in. By self-excluding from ALL gambling sites, you can be sure that when a player chooses to self-exclude, they remove temptation to gamble anywhere.

We offer operators promotional codes which can be used by individuals to purchase gamban® licences.

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Unprecedented numbers of students are gambling online. gamban® offers a range of products to restrict access to gambling sites, protecting both students and staff.

From self-exclusion to more sophisticated end-to-end solutions, gamban® has a range of products and the skills to integrate with existing infrastructures.

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Blocks online poker, Casinos, Slots, Sport betting & bingo

gamban® is the simple way of helping you take control and get your life back on track. At home, at work, it’s fast and easy to download the app or install the software on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


I’m a secret gambler, no one knows, no one will ever know and that’s why your software will save me. I don’t go to casinos, it’s all online at home. You are doing a wonderful thing for people like me gamban® user

Although I am a fairly new customer, I am happy to pay the £1 per month, ( I think that is what you are charging ), your software is going to be a life saver for me, I have been gambling for about 3 years now, online slots and I am in so much debt, every month is a struggle, your software I am sure will get me back on track, back to the person I used to be. I actually feel positive about my future now I will also be installing your android app when it is launched. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. gamban® user

I feel strongly now I can get my life back in order! !! Thanks to your software or whatever it is. gamban® user

Ready to Protect Yourself or Others?

Just download the app from the store. Simple, nice and user-friendly application.


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