Get The Support You Need to Quit Online Gambling.

Gamban not only provides award-winning gambling blocking, we have now added a series of tools to help you quit online gambling.


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FeaturesEffective Blocking

Avoiding online gambling might seem tough. Gamban provides a secure, effective and affordable tool in your battle to ward off temptation. Gamban takes a multi-layered approach to blocking tens of thousands of gambling websites and apps worldwide.

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FeaturesMonitor Your Progress

Starting your recovery journey is an important step, but it's also important to see how far you've come. Your Gamban app can now track how long you've remained gamble free and how much time and money you've saved along the way!


  • Save Your Money
  • Reduce Temptation
  • Reduce Stress
  • Save Your Time
  • Feel Better
  • Improve Your Outlook

How It Works

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How It WorksStep 01: Register a FREE Gamban account

Take the first steps in fighting addiction, claim your 7-Day free trial of Gamban today. Get Gamban's award-winning global gambling blocking, as well as a whole host of new features.

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How It WorksStep 02: Install Gamban On Your Devices

Protect ALL of your devices with one licence. Gamban can be installed across all major device platforms, that way you can rely on Gamban to be there if willpower slips. Installing Gamban is easy, quick and we offer live support to help you.

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How It WorksStep 03: Set Up Layered Self-Exclusion

Beating addiction can be a daunting task. Gamban is the first step, but there are a number of other steps you can take. We recommend a multi-layered approach to protecting yourself from accessing gambling content. If you find that you need additional support the Gamban app will help you set up other layers for added protection.

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How It WorksStep 04: Stay Strong & Stay On Your Path

The road to recovery can be a challenging and long process. Don't give up! Everyone in recovery has moments of doubt, where you may feel your willpower slipping, but you can overcome these obstacles. Stay strong with the peace of mind that your devices are protected with Gamban.

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Start Your Journey Today

Register With Gamban To Get Started…

If you or someone you care about has a gambling problem, you can rely on Gamban to be there if willpower slips. Start your 7-day FREE trial and protect all of your devices with Gamban.

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Best choice for people struggling with gambling addiction. Very easy to install and intuitive to use.
3 days sober and I couldn't be more thankful for this app.
Sean T
A life-changing product. Gamban is priced affordably and undoubtedly saves lives. Thanks for a great product guys.
Amazing company. Brilliant technology, and would not stop recommending. It has helped my family a lot, so if you are searching for a solution to your problem, stop looking!
Simple, functional, safe.
Mauro A
Google Play
This app has saved me so much money. It does what it says on the tin. If you're serious about quitting gambling. I highly recommend.
Very useful for everyone trying to make a change and stop gambling addiction. Glad this app exists!
I used it both on my tablet and my phone. Gamban serves as an ideal solution to your gambling problem. Would definitely recommend as a blocking app.
Google Play
I'm actually so so so glad this app exists. It is going save me so much money and will stop my addiction thank you so much, it blocks every gambling website I can think of.
Joe B
Thank you Gamban! I didn't really know whether I'd be able to reduce my gambling activities but installing your software on my iMac and phone has really made a difference.
Google Play
If you pay for the app, it works!!! Can't access anything to do with gambling, feel so free.
Sarah M
Very happy. App works very well and amazing customer service.
Finally an inexpensive gamble blocker that is easy to use and effective. Thanks, Gamban great bit of software and most importantly, it's affordable.
As simple as two clicks and worked on my iPad as well! Fantastic!
Marianna B
The app worked as it was supposed to, blocked all gambling.
This is the best investment I've ever made! I was sceptical that it would work here in Sweden. But it works great!
Google Play
This is awesome I feel like I'm free! Thank you so much Gamban.
Becky B
I finally feel free thank you so much. Wish I knew about this app ages ago.
Max J
Google Play
It helps to handle the urge to gamble online and I can successfully keep away from the gambling sites. Great platform, love it.
Saved my life. I cannot give it a bigger accomplishment.
I've had Gamban since 2020. It has helped me tremendously, blocking websites when I get the urge to gamble. Thank you.
Google Play
I never thought I would be able to avoid gambling with the help of such a simple app. This is quite amazing.
Recently installed Gamban. It does what it stands for. I'm very happy; it gives me peace and supports me in my battle with my gambling addiction. Highly recommend!!
Such a Great bit of software. Really helpful if you have a gambling problem. Tried other similar software which doesn't compare to this. Great service. Well done Gamban.
Using this program for a while now and been very helpful in getting me away from gambling online.
Google Play
This is a fantastic app for anyone seriously interested in giving up gambling.
Nigel G
Easiest app to configure, everything blocked seamlessly
Google Play
This app is awesome. So grateful.
Gamban absolutely saved my life. They are 100% friendly fast and effective when you are not sure how to use the app.
Google Play
Saved me from myself. Thank you
Scott C

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