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A phone displaying the blocked website screen on the Gamban mobile app

Block Gambling Websites & Apps

With so many ways to gamble online, it can be daunting trying to quit. By simply installing Gamban, you can instantly block yourself from tens of thousands of gambling websites and apps worldwide. Knowing your device is protected will give you peace of mind.

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Monitor Your Progress

Starting your recovery journey is an important step, but it's also important to see how far you've come. Your Gamban app can now track how long you've remained gamble free and how much time and money you've saved along the way!

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Layer Your Self-Exclusion

Beating addiction can be a daunting task. Gamban is the first step, but there are a number of other steps you can take. We recommend a multi-layered approach to protecting yourself from accessing gambling content. If you find that you need additional support, the Gamban app will help you set up other layers for added protection.

Multiple phones displaying different pages of the Gamban mobile app

Access Support Resources

We understand that addiction is difficult. If you feel yourself slipping, we can offer some lifelines that may help. Gain access to tailored support resources through the Gamban app.

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Start Your Journey Today

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