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Gamban's Impact

This report was focused on understanding Gamban’s impact through the views and experiences of its users. Gamban users took part in an online survey and in semi-structured interviews.

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Online Gambling Self-Exclusion

This is a rapid, initial consumer review of four tools consumers can use to prevent themselves from accessing online gambling. The tools examined are: Gamban, Betblocker, Betfiler and GamBlock.

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Gambling Blocking Software Standards

This document proposes a set of fundamental standards for gambling blocking software. The standards are what matters to users in gambling blocking software. This put users at the centre to better meet their needs and reduce gambling harm.

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Trading vs. Gambling

The aim of this report is to understand whether different types of trading can be considered as gambling, the effect that different types of gambling may have on the perception of trading as gambling as well as provide an overview of the current literature on whether different types of trading are gambling.

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The Self-Exclusion Puzzle Explained

Self-exclusion from online gambling is currently wrongfully presented as a one-component process with focus placed around self-exclusion schemes…

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KPMG Value for Money Evaluation

Value for Money Evaluation of the Blocking Software Element of the TalkBanStop Campaign

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Online Gambling and Mental Health

The document provides a detailed examination of the correlation between online gaming and mental health. It presents an in-depth analysis through statistical methods to identify trends and impacts of online gaming on various mental health measures while offering insights into the broader implications for public health and policy.