• Over 35,000 Active Users
  • Over 100,000 Blocked Websites
  • More Than 250,000 Licences Activated
  • Over 90% Customer Support Satisfaction
  • Over 4,000 Blocked Apps
  • Available in 197 Countries
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How Gamban Helps

Gamban helps those suffering from gambling-related harm to take control of their addiction by blocking access to gambling websites and apps. With our easy-to-use platform, users can track their progress, implement layered protection and receive support and resources to aid their recovery. Gamban provides a valuable service to those struggling with gambling addiction and offers peace of mind to concerned friends and family members. Choose Gamban and take the first step towards breaking free from the cycle of addiction.

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Our Users

We believe the majority of our customers are individuals struggling with gambling who seek a tool to help them take control of their addiction. We also believe that Gamban customers will be motivated to purchase our software due to a desire for support and resources in their recovery journey, as well as a need for accountability towards themselves, friends and family. We expect that our primary customers will be men and women between the ages of 25 and 45, who will most likely discover our software through online search and word-of-mouth referrals.

A set of building blocks

Our Foundation

Since 2015, Gamban has gone from strength to strength, setting the standard in gambling blocking software. Formed from experiences with problem gambling and dissatisfaction with existing self-exclusion options, we brought the most effective and non-intrusive gambling-blocking software to the market.

Our Team

Jack Symons

Founder / CEO

With a background in technology and first-hand experience of problem gambling, Jack brought the most effective gambling-blocking software to the market and now leads the team at Gamban.

Matt Zarb-Cousin


Matt is a co-founder of Gamban. He campaigned successfully for reform to Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and has held high profile positions in politics and social issue campaigns.

James Forman

Account Executive

James leads on projects with external partners, such as with regulators, operators and financial institutions. James is focused on ensuring that everyone gets the most out of working with Gamban by guiding them with training and insight.

Melissa Etherington

Partnerships Executive

Melissa works with governmental bodies, treatment support providers and commercial organisations guiding on distribution and strategy in online gambling self-exclusion best practice, enhancing and improving protection for at-risk problem gamblers.

Emil Jankowski

Customer Operations Manager

Handling a variety of customer requests before, during and after installation, ranging from general to technical questions, Emil continues to provide a high standard of customer support.

John Giannakidis

Backend Developer & SysAdmin

Occupied with various technical aspects, primarily focused on developing the services that lie at the core of Gamban. Devoted to continuously improving our product. Not to blame for bugs or outages you might experience.

Sam Kollmann

Lead Graphic Designer

A dynamic and inventive graphic designer adept in crafting designs for social media, print, and digital platforms. Collaborating across various sectors within Gamban, Sam delivers impactful and innovative design solutions, driving creative outputs that resonate effectively.

Babak Rezai

Junior Full Stack Developer

Predominately focused on iOS (Apple), Babak's challenge has been to realise the most effective and non-intrusive gambling-blocking concepts within the confines of Apple's ecosystem.

Christos Sittas

Customer Support Advisor

Christos actively helps individuals to learn more about the functionalities of Gamban and assists users with enquiries, concerns, and software issues. Striving constantly to provide the most effective and friendly customer support experience.

Daiana Sol D'Urso

Customer Outreach Manager

Heading up Gamban's marketing and outreach efforts in Spanish speaking markets, Daiana is dedicated to developing and enhancing new and existing partnerships to increase the awareness and distribution of Gamban across all Spanish markets.

Edgars Judovics

Software Developer

Windows and Mac Gamban maintainer. Likes to see sharp. In his free time, Edgar enjoys following developing tech trends and other computer related matters.

Mike Wall

Digital Marketing Manager

A highly driven and creative Digital Marketing professional with strong experience in PPC, SEO and campaign management. Working alongside industry professionals, delivering marketing campaigns, to grow awareness of support tools for problem gamblers and help organisations improve sustainability.

Orfeas Zafeiris

Technology Lead

Orfeas leads and coordinates technology development efforts with the goal of maintaining a high quality of service for our end-users and constantly improving the Gamban offering and operational efficiency.

Mavia Siddiqui

Technical Business Manager

Experienced concept realiser adept at guiding ideas to MVP. Orchestrates team coordination, webinars, and strategy execution. Skilled in testing new concepts, managing communication, events and training. Ensures projects site integrity and fosters community engagement.

Nick Michalopoulos

Research & Development

Nick maintains quality control standards to preserve the integrity of data and findings of surveys and interviews, which are then analysed and summarized in reports. Alongside this, he is responsible for Gamban's certification processes.

Michael Tugby

Full Stack Developer

Focusing primarily on the development of the website, Michael aims to create intuitive user experiences, using his knowledge of modern web technologies.

David Frampton

Product Development Manager

Wholly focused on the continuous improvement and development of the Gamban product for both the B2C & B2B markets, David has an expansive and versatile background in user experience (UX) & design.

ISO 27001 and 9001 certified

ISO Accredited

Gamban is the first gambling blocking software to achieve both ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certification. Demonstrating our adherence to the highest security standards in handling sensitive information.

B Corp certified

B-Corp Certified

The first gambling blocking technology to receive B Corp Certification. Certified by B Lab, as having met rigorous social and environmental standards which represent its commitment to goals outside of shareholder profit.

Investors In People accredited. Platinum

Investors In People

A healthy workforce is a priority at Gamban. Recognising this, Investors In People have awarded us with their Platinum achievement.

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