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Give Your Self-Excluded Players the Extra Layer of Protection They NeedContact Gamban
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Protect Your Players

By blocking over 60,000 regulated and unlicensed gambling products globally, you can have peace of mind that if a player chooses to self-exclude from your platform, they can opt into the best available gambling blocking software and protect themselves from all known gambling sites.

How Does Gamban Help?


  • Improved reputation in the eyes of regulators and customers
  • Enhance customer service by offering troubled players a single method to prevent online gambling
  • Create a level playing field by ensuring that self-excluded customers block themselves from all online gambling
  • Reduce gambling with unlicensed operators and make the industry more sustainable
  • Quick to set up and easy to configure with zero coding required
  • Take comfort in the knowledge that you've gone the extra mile to protect players


  • Complimentary access to the most effective gambling blocking software available
  • Expertly curated blacklist of gambling websites and apps
  • Access to Gamban's useful resources for recovery
  • More comprehensive protection when used alongside self-exclusion and transaction blocks

How Can Gamban Enhance Your Self-Exclusion Model?

Typically, self-excluded players can continue to cause themselves harm on another product from a different supplier.

We help integrate Gamban into your customer journey, so that our leading-edge blocking software becomes the natural next step in your self-exclusion process.

Gamban will 'mirror' your self-exclusion options; enabling users to claim a free fully paid for Gamban license to match their chosen exclusion period.

"Since my problems a couple of years ago I self-excluded, joined gamban and I have never looked back, never gambled again on any gaming site, so thank you" - One of our users

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What's Included In A Gamban Solution?

Your Players Will Receive

  • Complete video tutorial library that explains how Gamban works, how to install it and how to use their Gamban dashboard
  • Full protection from thousands of gambling websites and apps
  • Protection for all their devices
  • Access to useful Gamban resources for recovery
  • Live technical support to help install Gamban on all devices

You Will Receive

  • Onboarding consultation and training for staff
  • A dedicated Gamban expert to help you get the most out of your solution
  • Gamban dashboard and analytics access
  • Access to Gamban's latest research
  • Co-branded on-boarding pages

Bespoke Landing Pages

Integrate Gamban seamlessly into your self-exclusion process with your very own branding on our landing pages. Make adopting Gamban quick and easy during self-exclusion and help put vulnerable players on their recovery journey

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A custom landing page for signing up with Gamban
The analytics page on the Gamban website

Analytics & Insight

Get actionable insights from real time data about your customer journeys and Gamban's usage amongst your customer base

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What makes Gamban different?

Lived Experience

Gamban was founded through lived experience, and this helps us to make better informed decisions

Strong relationships with health experts

These collaborations enable Gamban to anticipate and adapt to emerging threats to recovering gamblers.

Research Partners

Enable us to better understand and help the audience we are trying to reach

Need help with our product?

If you don't have the budget to pay for Gamban licenses. You can always signpost users to Gamban instead, which is completely free to do. Find out how and get free resources here.
No, Gamban is designed to be used in addition self-exclusion for best results. No system is infallible, and our learnings show that layering protection methods provides the best protection.
Gamban users are notified 15 days prior to license expiry letting them know their protection will lapse if they don't add their payment details. If the license expires the protection will simply stop working within 24 hours of expiry.
Find out more through our knowledge base

What Our Customers Say...

We all understand how important self-excluding is for people with a gambling disorder. We also realise that this is difficult to maintain in certain jurisdictions where a country wide self-exclusion register is not available or doesn’t work in an optimal manner. Therefore, products like Gamban that help gamblers restrict their gambling activity are a resourceful tool in addition to treatment and support. This is why we at Kindred focus on offering this for free to all our customers and across our different jurisdictions.
Maris (Bonello) Catania - Head of responsible Gaming and Research at Kindred
We started working with GamBan as it enhanced our responsible gambling package. We would encourage all Gambling Operators to offer, and advocate the use of, GamBan. Feedback from those who decided to make this step, reported the product as easy to use and as giving them a sense of ease, knowing that they would be able to abstain from gambling across any device, for their chosen period of exclusion. The GamBan Team are great to work with, and continually enhance their blocked site list, committing themselves to customer protection, now and in the future. We are really excited to be taking GamBan's offering further afield, as additional languages options are being added.
Scott Nejrup - Head of Responsible Gambling at Bally's

Find out more about how Gamban can help you help others...

A phone displaying Gamban's dashboard page
A phone displaying Gamban's login page

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