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If willpower slips, Gamban doesn't

If you or someone you care about has a gambling problem, you can rely on Gamban to be there if willpower slips.

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Based on the results of systematic testing, blocking software appears to be generally effective in restricting access to online gambling. One gambling-specific package [Gamban] was found to block access to 99% of active gambling websites associated with UK Gambling Commission licences…

Karl King - Winning Moves

Protect All Of Your Devices

Installing Gamban on your devices is easy, quick and we offer live support to help you.

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A life changing product. Gamban is priced affordably and undoubtedly saves lives. Thanks for a great product guys.


Take The First Step In Beating Addiction

Beating addiction can be a daunting task. Gamban is the first step to self-exclusion, but there are a number of other steps you can take…

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I’m proud to announce this positive step we are taking to address growing concerns about student gambling. We will be encouraging students’ unions to promote the app to students across the UK – I believe it will provide much-needed support to thousands of students currently grappling with addiction.

Shakira Martin - NUS President

How it works

We take a multi-layered approach to protecting your device from accessing gambling content.

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