gamban® stops your Mac OS X or Windows computer from accessing all categories of online gambling sites



Sports Betting

Spread Betting



Using pioneering software, gamban® constantly searches for online gambling sites so that we can help our customers avoid them. This means sites that discuss gambling – but don’t enable play – are still accessible. Sites that allow you to deposit and play with real money are blocked


gamban® doesn’t appear in “Programs” or “Applications”. It runs silently and is only activated when a listed gambling site is visited. It occupies a very small amount of memory and doesn’t affect browsing speed


With gamban®, you’ll be able to use your computer as normal. gamban® restricts access to gambling sites and frees you acting on the temptation of online gambling

  • gamban® works silently and effectively
  • Uses minimal computer memory 
  • Doesn’t slow your computer or browsing speed

  • ‘Light-touch’ solution
  • No unauthorised uninstallation
  • Automatically syncs with the gamban® cloud database