We have a number of packages to suit your needs whether you're an individual user looking to beat addiction, a business wishing to protect your staff or you are looking to distribute Gamban to your customers.

Individual Users

Protect ALL of your devices with one licence.
$34.99Per Year
  • Protect unlimited devices*
  • 7 day free trial
  • Access to Gamban resources
  • Live technical support
*Subject to Gamban's Fair Use Policy

Treatment & Support Providers

Protect ALL of your patient's devices.
$34.99Per Licence / Year
  • Gamban dashboard access
  • Custom promo code creation
  • Protect unlimited devices*
  • Access Gamban resources
  • Whitelist e-mail addresses
  • Live technical support
*Subject to Gamban's Fair Use Policy


In addition to ALL treatment & support provider services, you will receive:
  • Player protection consultancy
  • A robust self-exclusion audit
  • A dedicated account manager
  • A dedicated support manager
  • A branded on-boarding page

What Some Of The Organisations We Work With Have To Say 


We have chosen to collaborate with Gamban as one of many tools we provide so our customers can remain in control of their gambling. We believe that Gamban can provide the necessary help through their intelligent system, which blocks access to online gambling websites. Gamban’s initiative can make a significant impact at a critical time in a person’s life and therefore we are proud to be supporters.

Maris Bonello

Blocking software can be an effective tool to help those at-risk of getting into difficulties resist the ubiquitous gambling adverts and special offers that surround us these days. This report reinforces the point that such tools work best as part of a treatment package tailored to the individual rather than being effective in isolation. This evaluation gives us the confidence we needed to fund the use of this software for anyone who is referred to our treatment services.

Marc Etches

Victory for Gamban at the 2019 GamblingCompliance Regulatory Award's pays rightful homage to the growing role of technology in the responsible gambling space and Gamban's place at the forefront of this pioneering field. The self-exclusion app has played a major part in shaking up the UK gambling landscape over the past 12 months and may yet drive impactful changes to regulation.

Joe Ewens

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What if I can't afford Gamban?
There are a number of ways you can acquire Gamban through our partners for free. Many therapists, support groups, gambling operators and governmental bodies offer their players or patients free access to Gamban for a select period of time.

We also offer a 7 day free trial which you can use whilst seeking a free licence from one of our affiliates.

As a business, our long term goal is to make Gamban free to the public, which we hope to achieve in the near future.
Can I use PayPal to purchase Gamban?
Yes, we accept PayPal payments. Simply follow the checkout process and select PayPal as a payment method on the payment screen.
How do I get Gamban through my company?
If your company is a registered Gamban affiliate, you should contact your HR department or Gamban account holder. These people will provide a promo code, which you can use to install Gamban for free.
How can I get a Gamban promo code?
Gamban promo codes are used by our affiliates to help their staff, patients, social media followers and customers. In order to get a Gamban promo code, you will need to contact one of these affiliates to discuss your needs. Unless as a part of a promotional offer, Gamban do not distribute promo codes.

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