All In: The Addicted Gambler's Podcast Talking Gamban with Melissa from Gamban 

In a World of Evolving Technology, Access to Gambling Has Grown Exponentially


Our very own Melissa Etherington was featured on the All In: The Addicted Gambler's Podcast talking on our software Gamban, digital recovery tools, Americas approach to safer gambling with and self-exclusion. 

In a world of evolving technology, access to gambling has grown exponentially. Users can find themselves in any situation gambling online, whether that's at work, waiting for the bus or sitting on the toilet.  

"I work also on a problem gambling helpline, I have filtered a few calls from individuals that have gambled in casinos, without much of a problem, but once they were forced to go online and gamble they recognised that their gambling got to the point of being concerning" - Jeff W

This concern is reflected by recent reports explaining that while overall people are gambling less, however those who are gambling are spending more. More than six out of ten (62%) have either increased their time or money spent on at least one gambling activity, including the National Lottery.

Melissa goes on to mirror our optimism for a safer approach for America as they allow more online gambling operations. We hope that American casinos and regulators take note on how the UK has adapted and changed its approach to safer online gambling; putting more precautions in place, restrictions on advertising and offering mandatory self-exclusion. Getting it right, from the start, and even building upon it. 

"I'm all for any kind of tools that will help us as problem gamblers or addicted gamblers in recovery, to put obstacles in our way and certainly with the increased popularity of online gambling I think that you really provide a great service." - Jeff W

We'd like to thank Jeff and Brian of the All In: The Addicted Gambler's Podcast for featuring Melissa and Gamban, helping create more awareness around problem gambling and problem gambling solutions. Find more helpful podcasts here.

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