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Distributing Gamban 


Delivering a first-class experience in iGaming demands meeting the needs of all stakeholders, including going the extra mile to protect players. 

Most responsible operators advocate the use of player protection tools to help people manage their gambling. But for some, these aren’t enough. Despite increasingly sophisticated tools for early detection of gambling harms, there will always be players that need to take a complete break from gambling, and that’s where Gamban comes in. 

Providing Gamban licences to these customers is helping to make the industry more sustainable. Typically, self-excluded players can continue to cause themselves harm on another product from a different supplier. 

However, Gamban enables vulnerable customers to block access to all known gambling products globally. Gamban’s expertly curated blocklist currently stands at more than 60 thousand gambling sites and apps (including unlicensed products) and our technology identifies more potential sites every day.


Partnering with Gamban is more than just paying for licences 

Through close collaboration, we can make a real difference to the lives of those experiencing harm, increasing the awareness of and access to important tools, whilst simultaneously improving the reputation of your business. Just hear what some of our users have to say: 

“It might sound ridiculous but the chance to gamble has been taken away from me and I am so grateful. Just wish I had known about this software years ago!” - Gamban user

“Fantastic app! I've stopped wasting all my money on impulse betting. It’s a relief.” – Gamban user

Operator partners will benefit from an on-boarding consultation to fine-tune their self-exclusion process and work through how best to utilise Gamban within their customer journeys. Our complimentary training for customer service and responsible gambling teams will give you the confidence needed to distribute Gamban effectively to your susceptible players. 

As a Gamban partner you will gain access to your very own client portal. The portal provides the tools needed to manage your Gamban solution, including providing real-time data showing Gamban’s usage amongst your different customer bases. This data will assist you in making impactful changes that benefit your players. In addition, as a Gamban partner you will benefit from your very own Gamban expert to help you get the most benefit from your solution. 

Gamban can be seamlessly integrated into your self-exclusion process with your very own branding on our landing pages. This continuity will help to simplify the registration process for your customers, putting them on their recovery journey which you will be seen to have facilitated. 

What happens at the end of a Gamban licence? 

Your Gamban users will be notified 15 days in advance of their licence expiry date, if they choose not to provide payment details, the protection will simply lapse within 24 hours after expiry (the time taken can vary depending on the device type and settings applied). If your users want to extend their Gamban licence they can do so by logging into their account and adding their payment details (we will make this process clear during the customer journey).


What markets does Gamban work in? 

Gamban’s blocklist is extensive, covering over 60 thousand gambling websites and apps worldwide. The blocklist is always growing and is kept up to date. This focus on all markets makes Gamban a truly worldwide solution, to facilitate this we have enabled servers in multiple locations worldwide to ensure the best possible experience for clients. We will add more as and when demand dictates. 


Is Gamban independent from the gambling industry?

Yes, Gamban maintains independence from the industry but has several distribution partners in the space. 


Why partner with Gamban over other blocking products? 

Gamban has been founded through lived experience and this informs any product decisions made. Additionally, Gamban works closely with addiction experts to help understand why people become problem gamblers and how best to help them. Independent testing has revealed that Gamban has the most extensive blocking coverage of our peer group. 

Additionally, Gamban is ISO 27001 certified, one of the world's most recognised information security management standards. Gamban also received the ISO 9001 certification earlier this year, making our gambling blocking software the first to achieve both.

Furthermore, only Gamban can provide its partners with the necessary training and account management to take full benefit from the product, this when combined with real time data portal access makes Gamban your natural choice of partner. 

Still not sure? Don’t take our word for it, read what some of our partners have to say. 

 “We would encourage all Gambling Operators, to offer, and advocate the use of Gamban. The Gamban team are great to work with, and continually enhance their blocked site list, committing themselves to customer protection now and in the future”- Scott Nejrup – Head of Responsible Gaming at Bally’s 

“Supplying Gamban to vulnerable players helps reduce access to all gambling operators, including those that may be illegally targeting consumers in Norway” Per Einar Karlsen – Product Owner at Norsk Tipping

“Products like Gamban that help gamblers restrict their gambling activity are a resourceful tool in addition to treatment. This is why we at Kindred focus on offering this for free to all our customers across all our jurisdictions” – Maris (Bonello) Catania – Head of Responsible Gaming and research at Kindred


Are Gamban’s partners liable if something goes wrong? 

No, when individuals sign up to Gamban they sign up to our end user licence agreement, this protects your business as the contract is with us. However, despite curating the most extensive gambling site and app blocklist available in the market, there will always be new websites and apps released almost daily. Equally, updates to operating systems can cause issues for our counter circumvention software. Despite these obvious challenges we always do our utmost to keep the service working as well as possible on all devices.


What licence durations are the most popular with users? 

Gamban’s partners typically offer their customers a range of licences to match their self-exclusion durations. Most users choose either short-term or long-term licences with 6-months, 1-year and 5-year licences being the most popular through our partner networks. 


Get in touch

If you would like to know more about partnering with Gamban or about the wider work Gamban is conducting in the player protection area, please get in touch. 

We would be delighted to help review your existing self-exclusion process and offer any insight we feel appropriate.

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