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Online Gambling in New Jersey

In 2013, the New Jersey government signed a bill, legalising online gambling within the state. Since the legalisation, most high-frequency gamblers played online as well as in land-based venues, followed only by online-only and land-based. A majority of online gamblers have reported gambling online before it became legal in New Jersey. These sites were illegal and unfortunately continue to be used.  

New Jerseyan’s Relationship with Online Gambling

When surveyed, users claim the most influential factors in starting online gambling were: Convenience, 24‐7 access, the comfort of gambling from home, prizes such as bonuses and free credits and the use of free play or social media sites.

Nearly half (42.4%) of non-problem gamblers gamble less than once a month (low frequency). However, among the low risk, moderate risk, and high-risk problem gambling groups, rates of high-frequency gambling were 51.6%, 61.3% and 89.4%, respectively. This is a particularly worrying amount, especially when considering more than 31% of online gamblers said they gambled online from work or during work hours; of those gamblers, 40% gambled one or two days a week and nearly 24% gambled three to five days per week. 

Gamban and 800-Gambler

With the rise of online gambling in New Jersey, more and more people may find themselves at risk of developing a gambling problem. As such, we have partnered with the New Jersey Council on Compulsive Gambling (800GAMBLER). Now anyone in New Jersey, whose online gambling has become problematic, can claim Gamban to install on all their devices and block online gambling sites and apps. If you live in New Jersey and find yourself struggling with your relationship with gambling, reach out to 800-GAMBLER, A helpline for hope: support for gambling problems is just a phone call or click away.

Click here to visit the 800-Gambler Website -

Or Call - 1.800.GAMBLER (246.2537)

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