Gamban Partners With Unibet 

Unibet Strikes First-of-its-Kind Deal with Gamban to Provide Gambling-Blocking Software to Customers Across US


Kindred Group has, through its brand Unibet, teamed up with UK-based Gamban to provide its software that blocks access to all online gambling sites and apps across all of a person’s devices in the US.

This first-of-its-kind deal in the United States will provide effective interstate protection for any customer looking to self-exclude from gambling, free-of-charge, and is part of a move by Unibet’s parent company, Kindred Group, to make Gamban’s services available for free to all Kindred users worldwide.

Maris Catania, head of responsible gaming at Unibet, said: “Unibet is live today in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Indiana and has applied for licenses in Illinois and Iowa. It has always been our ambition to bring our European know-how and expertise in responsible gambling to the US and our long-standing successful partnership with Gamban perfectly aligns with this ambition, as well as our journey towards zero revenue from harmful gambling by 2023. We are proud to be the very first operator in the US to offer interstate protection to our customers and we strongly believe this will be an important step for the industry.”

Gamban works with the likes of Lloyds Banking Group, and other major players in the UK’s gambling industry, the self-exclusion scheme GAMSTOP, and the leading treatment provider GamCare, giving those experiencing harm from gambling access to their software for free. The company also struck a partnership with Norway’s government-owned national lottery and gaming operator, Norsk Tipping, to provide its software to those who self-exclude.

Jack Symons, founder of Gamban, said: “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Unibet and offer our blocking software in the US - it’s a huge step forward for the industry. There’s no regulatory pressure for gambling operators to offer blocking software, so it’s fantastic Unibet is taking it upon itself to offer protection for its vulnerable customers in the US and on a global scale. This highlights the evolution of the industry in recognising how products like ours can protect their players and the sustainability of their companies, as well as the wider industry.”

For many years, Kindred Group has pursued the provision of a safe gambling experience, with the ambition that zero per cent of the revenue should come from harmful gambling by 2023. Kindred is the first gambling operator to report the share of revenue that is derived from harmful gambling. The figure will be shared together with a measurement of the efficiency of Kindred’s efforts to help detected customers regain control of their gambling. 

On Kindred's platforms, in communication with customers, and through sponsorship and marketing channels, Kindred regularly informs customers about various control tools and the importance of playing responsibly. This is to remind the customer to maintain a healthy gambling behaviour

Players self-excluding from Unibet will be offered the opportunity to claim a Gamban licence to match their self-exclusion period. Once the player downloads Gamban, it’s designed to be as difficult to remove as the various devices allow. Gamban aims to provide the right balance between protection and intrusion. 

Symons added: “We always recommend using other barriers in addition to gambling-blocking software, such as self-exclusion. The friction these offer give the individual a chance to think between urge and action. During this time, they can ride out their urge or think again before acting on temptation.

“In a world where the lure of immediate gratification through digital activity is increasingly tempting, we want to help people regain control and balance - and by using Gamban, they can do that.”

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