Gamban Wins the 2023 Tech Cares Award

We are delighted to announce that Gamban has been handed the 2023 Tech Cares Award in recognition of our dedication to corporate social responsibility 


We are delighted to announce that Gamban has been handed a 2023 Tech Cares Award for effecting a positive transformation in the technology industry.

Megan Headley, Vice President of Research at TrustRadius, said: "Gamban has been recognised with a 2023 Tech Cares award for demonstrating a significant commitment to corporate social responsibility."

"As a critical offering in Responsible Gambling, Gamban's proactive approach in providing global protection to thousands of players and partnering with operators, treatment providers and regulators reflects their dedication to benefiting the industry and players alike."

This award reflects our ongoing efforts to create a responsible business environment and prioritise the well-being of our community, customers and employees. Winning a 2023 Tech Cares Award confirms our belief in integrating ethical practices and social values into our business model.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our technology serves as a force for good, and this award represents a significant milestone in our journey. 

The Tech Cares Award evaluates a company's approach to environmental stewardship, labour practices and community engagement. It also acknowledges Gamban's innovative solutions that have had a positive societal impact. 

The 2023 Tech Cares Award challenges us to continue striving to innovate and care for our community and the industry.

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