How to Get the Most Out of Self-Exclusion

The Impact Of Self-Exclusion and How Gamban Can Help


Self-exclusion is the process whereby players ask a gambling provider to exclude them from using their products, for time periods ranging between 6 months and 5 years. This is a legal requirement in most licensed marketplaces.

Aside from self-excluding with each gambling provider individually, gamblers also have the option to sign-up to multi-operator self-exclusion schemes. These allow individuals to self-exclude from multiple websites with a single sign up. In the UK, a gambler wishing to go down the route of self-exclusion can sign-up to GAMSTOP. This excludes them from all online gambling operators licensed in Great Britain.

Gamban routinely works with the gambling industry to analyse their self-exclusion processes, including the impact of said process on players, as well as the brand and its sustainability. For players, the decision to self-exclude represents recognition of one’s negative relationship with gambling. Self-excluding players have self-actualised and are in what is known as the ‘critical’ window within Custer’s gambling progression model.

Custer’s Gambling Progression Model

Custer’s Gambling Progression Model Gamban

In this model sometimes referred to as the ‘funnel’ model, Dr Custer identifies multiple phases of a progressive gambling problem. Studying the ‘funnel’ reveals the marked changes in gambling behaviour that may lead an individual from casual gambling through to maladaptive (problem) gambling.

Find further reading on Custer's Gambling Progression Model here.

The Impact Of Self-Exclusion

Self-Excluding players tend to be within a 'critical window' and therefore self-exclusion demands a well thought out process. An effective process will involve discussing AND/OR signposting the best resources and treatment professionals, which in turn will give players a better chance of moving back up the funnel to the rebuilding and growth phases.

In these phases, the individual is more likely to be setting reasonable goals and benefitting from improved relationships. Overall, this leads to greater self-awareness and insight into one’s relationship with gambling and aids towards long term abstinence.

Self-Exclusion and Communication

It is necessary to regularly review the content used in confirmation of self-exclusion messages. Out of date content or resources or communications that miss the mark can make vulnerable players feel like they are not being fully considered and that the company does not understand them or their problem.

Examples of good content may include money or debt management resources. Where possible promote putting measures in place to limit access to cash and credit, this removes a major trigger.

In the UK, the national gambling helpline is an excellent resource. The helpline operated by the charity GamCare runs 24/7 and provides confidential advice and support for anyone impacted by gambling including affected others. 

It is important to acknowledge the limitations of self-exclusion methodologies. A lack of data sharing between operators means that players can self-exclude with one provider before continuing to cause themselves harm on a different product from a different supplier.

How Can Gamban Help?

At Gamban we believe we can help, by underpinning your self-exclusion scheme adopting a process we refer to as ‘mirrored self-exclusion’. Adopting mirrored self-exclusion is straightforward and allows customers to claim a Gamban licence with a duration to match their desired self-exclusion period. Installing Gamban blocks players from thousands of online gambling websites and apps globally.

Gamban is effective in all licensed jurisdictions and also blocks known black market products. This is due to our impressive automatic gambling site detection capabilities; these identify potential gambling sites and checks them against our blacklist. For complete safety, a review of new sites discovered by one of our experts removes any false positives. Any identified and verified gambling sites are then added to our blacklist and sync with customer devices in minutes.

One of the main differences between Gamban and other Self Exclusion methods is that we do not need to integrate with websites to block access to them. This means we can move quickly to block emerging threats, such as Esports and Skins gambling that have quickly risen to prominence during Covid-19. Underpinning self-exclusion with Gamban is a great way to provide a bespoke service to your most vulnerable players, supplying them with an effective means against continuing to gamble online. 

Find Out More About Gamban

If you would like to know more about mirrored self-exclusion or about the wider work Gamban is conducting in the responsible gambling space please get in touch.


We would be happy to help review your existing self-exclusion process and offer any insight we can.

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