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Established in the UK in 2017 and present in the majority of the United States since 2020, Loqbox lets you plant the seeds today to begin growing your credit score. Whether yours has plateaued or been impacted negatively in the past, there are actions you can take today to help it grow. 

In the UK, Loqbox has both free and paid membership options, offering four credit building tools.

  1. Loqbox Save works the same way as its Lite counterpart except there are no fees when unlocking your savings into an existing bank account. Over 12 months you make monthly payments that are reported to the credit agencies and at the end you unlock your savings.
  2. Loqbox Spend is an interest-free credit account, part of the paid membership at an affordable £2.5 per week subscription it grants you access to all the available resources whilst boosting your score. 
  3. Loqbox Rent makes your monthly housing payments work towards your credit score goals by reporting your rent payments to Experian, helping you to build a better credit history over time.  
  4. Loqbox Coach provides easy to follow steps to improve your financial health and helps to plan your next steps with a personalised financial plan especially tailored to you. 

This interest free solution combines the benefits of a savings account with those of a credit building loan, helping you set aside your preferred amount (min. $20, max. $200) to be paid in monthly instalments for up to a year.

There are no initial costs or fees, there is no penalty for closing your account early and withdrawing your savings up to that date (this is encouraged if you can't make payments on time to prevent hurting your score). However, it usually takes 3 to 4 months to see results, and unlocking your account within this period might prevent you from seeing improvement.

Regardless of when you unlock your Loqbox Save account, there are two options:

  • Free if you choose to open a new bank account with one of Loqbox's list of partners and receive the full sum saved until then.
  • Fee deduction ($40) for your savings to be sent to an existing bank account.


Ease of use

Loqbox provides easy approval with no credit check. Whether you're in the US or UK Loqbox reports your payments to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian on a monthly basis, which is why it is important to be consistent with any and all payments to achieve the best results. Over time, your efforts can prove fruitful by unlocking better rates in mortgage, loans and credit card applications.

Understanding finances can be a daunting process and to make knowledge accessible to everyone Loqbox has taken an educational approach by creating a Learn Page.

While tools like Loqbox can be helpful to improve your credit score and financial health, it’s always important to make sure you understand the commitment that you are making with the product and the potential repercussions if you don’t make the payments.   

If you’re interested in learning more about your financial health and how to take steps to actively improve it, visit Loqbox.

If you do sign up for Loqbox you’ll not only be helping your credit score, you’ll also be helping to keep Gamban affordable for our users. As every time one of you signs up, we’ll get a referral fee from Loqbox. So this is a partnership we hope everyone benefits from!

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