Why Using More than One Tool Is Important

Improving Your Chances of Beating Gambling Addiction  

The Truth Is You May Need More than Blocking Software to Stop Gambling Online…    

format_quoteAbstaining from gambling is no longer infantilising. The tools are there to help. You just need to commit.format_quote

The truth is you may need more than blocking software to stop gambling online… And that’s coming from us at Gamban.

We say this because we understand problem gambling and we’ve been there ourselves. Gamban is great as a tool to help you get on the path to recovery and keep you on that path, but you may find the following practical resources extremely helpful.


Time: Don't give yourself time to gamble

gamban time to gamble

This is the more difficult of the three components and involves distraction, filling the gambling “void” and exploring appropriate treatment options. This doesn’t have to be a negative undertaking; it’s a chance to adopt new hobbies and pastimes, with more available spending money.

Access: Restrict access to gambling

gamban restrict access

In addition to Gamban, we recommend registering with GAMSTOP, the national online self-exclusion scheme. Over the year more and more operators are likely to sign up to this, which means better protection. GAMSTOP is good and it’s only going to get better when the UKGC licensing conditions enforce all UK operators to fall into line.

Money: Control your gambling spending

gamban money spending

The popular “21st Century” banks Monzo and Starling each offer excellent gambling spend-blocking. This is as helpful as it is forward-thinking.

What all of these resources have in common is they do not require a parent, partner or friend to safeguard you. Abstaining from gambling is no longer infantilising. The tools are there to help. You just need to commit.

For more information on resources in your area please visit Gamban resources. With Gamban installed, you will also see this page on attempting to access a gambling site. 

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