Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Online Gambling

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Online Gambling


As the outbreak of the Coronavirus continues to impact daily life across the globe, we're seeing more and more gambling-related public spaces closing, such as casinos, betting shops and bookies. That mixed with self-isolation, some of us may even be more inclined to spend this free time gambling online.

This is a particularly difficult time for those of us who have a gambling addiction, who may need the distraction of their day to day life just to keep themselves from gambling their money away. 

In lockdown or isolation, players may find themselves more vulnerable to online gambling. Given the circumstances, people are more likely to present via remote treatment resources and through digital self-help tools, rather than face-to-face channels.

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Coronavirus and Gambling Stats

Research by Savanta reports 25% of the population have stated that their mental health has been negatively affected over lockdown.

Nearly seven out of ten (68%) increased the amount of time or money they spent on at least one gambling activity (including National Lottery). To compensate, they may have reduced spending on other products and activities, such as real event betting.

Since the lockdown began, 18-34-year-old men and women who have gambled recently are nearly equally likely to have taken up new gambling activities. Younger people aged 18-34 are much more likely, than average, to report increases in time or money spent on at least one gambling activity or to have taken up new activities. 

If you or anyone you know needs that extra bit of help to avoid online gambling we offer a free trial of Gamban you can start today, as well as other online gambling self-exclusion resources here.

What Support Is out There?

For added support, you can also call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133, for more information visit their website here. You can also read our blog on Practical Tips For Problem Gamblers where we run through some of the ways you can remove gambling temptations.

COVID-19 hasn't slowed us down, and as such, Gamban will be running as usual. For any technical or support questions, our support team is still available to help. We implore you to take some time to consider those who may be at risk of falling into bad gambling habits and support them during these trying times, as well as looking after yourself.

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