The Links Between Gaming and Gambling

Are Young Gamers Being Primed for Gambling?


Game Quitters' Cam Adair joins us to discuss the links between gaming and gambling, loot boxes, black market skins gambling and more.

"Covid-19 has accelerated the convergence between gaming and gambling and the impact on individuals is felt across the globe. It's never been more important for professionals to understand the risks associated with loot boxes, skin gambling and esports betting." - Cam Adair, GameQuiters

With younger audiences growing increasingly tech-savvy and gambling being offered in variously more complex ways, growing better understanding and awareness is crucial to protecting those who are at risk; whether that be a concerned parent or a therapy professional.

Skins gambling, esports betting and loot boxes. Learn the latest trends on the convergence of gaming and gambling by watching the replay of our webinar.

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