How to Block Gambling Marketing Emails

Simple Steps to Block Unwanted Gambling Marketing Emails


Are you overwhelmed with "deals" and "offers" emails from casinos? It can be especially challenging if you're in recovery and trying to avoid all temptations and triggers. In this blog, we'll highlight some straightforward steps to clean up your inbox and keep those spam emails at bay.

Click 'Unsubscribe'

For most of the world, all marketing emails must legally contain an unsubscribe link. If they don't have an unsubscription link (or you cannot use it due to directing you to the online casino), most email providers will allow you to unsubscribe directly from your inbox with just one click. 

Look for an option like 'Unsubscribe' or 'Block Sender' near the sender's name or at the top of the email.

Sign Up With GAMSTOP

If you're in the UK, GAMSTOP offers an efficient way to self-exclude from all gambling sites, and signing up will also stop all marketing communications. However, this only applies to online gambling sites licensed to operate in Britain.

To sign up to GAMSTOP, visit their website.

Blocking, Sorting And Reporting


When an unwanted email from a casino lands in your inbox, you can block that sender right away. After you block them, emails from that specific email address won't reach your inbox anymore.

Look for an option like 'Block Sender' or similar, usually found near the sender's name or in a dropdown menu within the email.


Another option is setting a filter to send those emails to your spam folder automatically. While this option is slightly more involved, this is a great solution if you keep receiving emails from the same gambling site under different email addresses. 

Look for a 'Create Filter' or 'Rules' option in your email settings. From there, you can specify that emails from the gambling site’s address skip your inbox and go straight to spam.


You can report any email as spam, automatically moving that email to your spam folder for deletion. Most email providers will then receive a copy of the email for further analysis. 

If you continue to receive marketing emails, especially after self-exclusion, report them to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) or your local gaming authority (e.g., Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission in the UK). They can impose penalties on any gambling sites that continue to send emails despite your requests to stop.

New Email

Sometimes, the best way to escape a relentless flood of online gambling spam emails is to start anew with a fresh email address. While creating a new email might seem like a big step, it will deliver you a cleaner, more controlled inbox overnight.

Keeping your inbox free from gambling emails is a big step in avoiding gambling temptation and preventing relapse. Whether it's through unsubscribing, using spam filters, reporting to authorities, or even starting with a brand new email address, each action will help you take back control of your inbox. Building a safer digital environment is a small but proactive step towards improving your overall well-being and peace of mind.

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