Should Online Casinos Offer Free Blocking Software?

Gamban's Operator User Survey Findings 


Gamban recently surveyed users who got a complimentary Gamban licence purchased for them by their gambling provider. 

The survey was designed to provide insight on the effectiveness of how Gamban partners with industry helping them to comply with regulations and supporting player protection initiatives.  

The results have been invaluable and have steered Gamban’s strategy in multiple areas. 

Perhaps the most important being that all but one respondent felt that gambling blocking software should be made freely available at no cost by all online gambling operators. 

We have gleaned valuable information on how best operators should signpost blocking software in the future, to fully benefit their vulnerable customers.   

Awareness of blocking software is still low, with more than 50% of respondents being unaware of this type of product before their operator flagged them. 

*Over the last year a lot has been done to increase awareness and accessibility to blocking software through the widely successful TalkBanStop campaign in the UK. However, this momentum is still lacking in other markets. 

Findings led us to refine the content on our website, explaining the products benefits more clearly, identifying better with the audience we are trying to reach. 

Nearly three-quarters of respondents weren’t aware that Gamban would block international gambling websites. Gamban also blocks unlicensed and offshore products. We are seeking to make our website clearer on what is blocked by our software. 

Feedback from Gamban’s users has clearly demonstrated the life-changing impact of Gamban’s industry partnerships.

Below are some quotes from users of our product when asked “please describe your overall experience” 

“It's saved my marriage and my life”
“It might sound ridiculous but the chance to gamble has been taken away from me and I am so grateful. Just wish I had known about this software years ago!”
“Easy and so happy that I found this I didn’t spend a fortune but it’s nice not spending anything”
“It completely removed the ability to give in to the craze and make life worse”
“Since my problems a couple of years ago I self-excluded joined gamban and i have never looked back never gambled again on any gaming site so thank you”
“It has helped me tremendously. Unfortunately, gambling is still promoted on every possible platform. This needs to change”.
“Gamban gave me the opportunity to sort my life out and prevented me from succumbing to my addiction”
“Fantastic app! I've stopped wasting all my money on impulse betting. Its a relief.”
“I don't gamble online anymore”
“Helped a lot to get out of debt”
“Very helpful in my recovery.”
“It has allowed me to realise I need help and join gamblers anonymous. It has given me security and given me my life back”
“Happy with the ease of use and will continue to use Gamban”
“It has stopped from spending excessive amounts of money on gambling websites”
“Straight forward and easy once they told me about it”
“Very satisfied. I’ve stopped gambling completely.”
“It was tough at the start but glad it seemed the help”
“Life’s better”
“It was a great help to me, fantastic software”
“Great to have an app to help control me when I was out of control”
“So far it has been great and have not even bought a scratch card since I stopped”
“Best thing I did”
“I stopped gambling”
“The overall experience has been excellent.”
“Easy, pleased, quick respond from customer service. I'm going to promote your product in every time when someone is in need to stop gambling”
“I am pleased to say I'm glad I contacted someone to help me and stop”

In response to this survey, we have already taken several key actions to benefit users:

  • We learned how operators should best promote blocking software
  • We have refined the content on our website, explaining the products benefits more clearly, identifying better with the audience we are trying to reach
  • We have created signposting packs for industry, to help support increasing the awareness of available tools and resources for gamblers


If you’re an operator and reading this thinking, how can I help? Please get in touch. 

We have created signposting packs designed to help you and other key stakeholders easily and effectively signpost to Gamban blocking software to help protect your most vulnerable players. 

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