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Since 2015 Gamban has gone from strength to strength to become the most effective blocking software that blocks access to gambling sites and apps worldwide.  

We could tell you what we do and how Gamban can help you fight addiction but we believe there is no better recognition than from our users. They are the ones who motivate us with their feedback, helping to improve our app and letting us know how Gamban has helped them.

If you would like to learn more about how Gamban has helped people like you, here are some testimonials from our users who have had a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Saved my life. I cannot give it a bigger accomplishment.” - Ash

“Thank you so much.... I need this tool so much for when im out of control, that combined with a dose of self control hopefully this will change my life around!” - Simon F

“I’ve had Gamban since 2020. It has helped me tremendously, blocking websites when I get the urge to gamble. Thank you.” - Patricia

“Very useful for everyone trying to make a change and stop gambling addiction. Glad this app exists!” - Bradley N

We work tirelessly to ensure that Gamban, as a technological tool, meets the highest blocking standards, blocking our users from all gambling websites and apps worldwide, and we are constantly updating our software to ensure that it is as effective as possible. 

Our blocklist includes both regulated and unregulated gambling sites, meaning a far more comprehensive blocking list for our users. Gamban is dependable; it will help you maintain your willpower and give you enough time to take a breather when you feel the urge to gamble. 

The new update is great! Unable to remove app from phone. Thank you very much!” - Ray

“This app is brilliant have tried many other apps, but this is the only one that stops me from joining any new gambling sites, even those sites not registered in the uk, such as those not registered on gamstop, it has help me such a lot, and for less than £3 per month.” - Yvonne W

You can install Gamban on up to 15 devices and it is available on all major platforms. Once installed, it will block access to gambling sites and apps immediately. It's quick and simple and non-intrusive. Installing Gamban on all of your devices will help make blocking much more effective. Check the compatibility of your devices on the following link: 

Will Gamban Work on my Device?

“I used it both on my tablet and my phone. If you lack self control, Gamban serves as an ideal solution to your gambling problem. Would definitely recommend as a blocking app.” - Bill

“Amazing tool !! I have tested it, and it worked perfectly!” - Thomaz

We believe that excellent customer service is critical to ensuring the effectiveness of our products. We offer online technical support to help solve any eventuality that may arise and/or to respond to all your queries and suggestions. We always strive to provide quick and effective solutions to help you in any way we can.

“It’s only been a short while but it’s already been life-changing. I had teething problems to begin with, after a couple of days I checked and I was able to access gambling sites. I needed the help so I contacted their support and they quickly got back to me and gave me the solution. Now it’s working perfectly. I’m just so relieved to have found a solution. As well as the obvious financial benefit, it has also restored my hope for the future which in itself is priceless.” - HA

If you are trying to leave behind your dependence on gambling, the financial problems that come with not being able to stop, and the anxiety and stress from feeling like you can't escape that place, Gamban will help you take the first step. Installing Gamban can offer many benefits to help you with your fight against gambling addiction, such as finding peace of mind, saving money, reclaiming time, and reducing stress.

Don't think twice! Start your 7-day free trial today and be one of our happy users.

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