How to Uninstall Gamban

How To Remove Gamban 


Abstaining from gambling can be challenging, especially when you consider how accessible online gambling has become over the last few years. It has certainly become more difficult to avoid. 

With this in mind, we developed Gamban – gambling blocking software, stopping you from accessing online gambling. Our goal has always been to put as much friction between you and online gambling as possible. A part of that friction is making Gamban as difficult to remove as different devices will enable. 

We will not uninstall Gamban from your device(s) until your subscription has come to an end; doing so would defeat Gamban's purpose. We owe a level of care and due diligence to our users as it's not always clear whether someone has genuinely beaten their addiction or is attempting to bypass Gamban and gamble online again. 

I'm No Longer Addicted to Gambling, Can You Uninstall Gamban Then?

We're always happy to hear that you're doing well. We are always grateful when people contact us to let us know that they have overcome their gambling addiction. However, as previously stated, there's no way for us to know for sure.

Should you feel your willpower slipping, we recommend visiting our Get Help pages for further support and advice on beating addiction. 

The truth is you may need more than blocking software to stop gambling online. We always recommend using Gamban alongside other tools to give yourself the best chance at recovery. The three levels of protection we recommend are:

  • Device - Gamban or other blocking software
  • Personal - Self-Exclusion schemes such as GamStop in the UK, and advice and support through GamCare
  • Money - Any banks that offer gambling transaction blocking

If you haven't already, you should consider self-excluding from all of your active gambling accounts. We would also recommend switching from a debit card to a basic bank card or using a card from a bank that allows you to block gambling transactions.

Another option is contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to see if they will allow you to opt-out of gambling sites. If you want to stop receiving emails or text message marketing from gambling companies, more details can be found here.

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